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Monday, November 02, 2009

Amanda is trying to study for TEE :/
Dno why, but it hasnt fully hit me that these exams are finally here.
Maybe I'll get a shock and wakeup call when I walk into physics tmr :O
Kinda excited about going over to Melbourne & Sydney after the exams, but it'll be two long weeks and I know I'm gna miss him.

Anyways, some photos.


Applic Class

Eng Class

Physics Class

Sinks in the toilet looking prettyful for once:)



and family


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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mainly Birthdays :)

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Saturday, September 05, 2009


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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Poor blog been pretty dead.
I'm feeling quite dead at the moment too. Midway through the exams
Eng down!Chem down!Physics down!
Now it's just the two maths left, and I'm ready to be done with semester one exams. Cmon, quickly!

I think I'm feeling alot less dead in this exams than last years, since I'm not as stressed up so am pacing myself happily with the studying :)
Studying wasnt going very good for chemistry a couple days ago since I had jessica mauboy in my head the whole time. How distracting><

My aunty and family's coming over to perth end of this month. And all 4 of them are staying in our house for A MONTH.
Sorry to say this, but :(
A whole month's just a wee bit too imposing, especially in this little squished up house of ours. Grahh I feel bad for thinking this way, but it's only true!

hehe maybe my next post will be rants on how peeved i am that there's 7 people squishing in our 3 bedroom house. lol til then

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

School awaits us tmr, ohhhh very whoopee...

Dont worry too much guys, it is truly a tough thing to fix "study" and "holiday" together. Especially since we're so used to not having a single homework during holidays until yr 12 arrived.
Jordin sparks sings JUST TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME~~~ (:

I spent my arvo today most effetively compared with the whole of last week!
BEcause I finished my 3 weeks worth of physics summaries all in one day =D
But now I still have the whole lot of calc and applic and english and whatttttnot
Which I'm predicting I cant get done in one night.
So welll screw it
I hope I shall commit to drowning in my books when term 2 starts tmr. I guess I really need to do that, it's just not happening what the shitezz?

Last night was my last shift at subway!
I decided to quit, mainly cos I wanted to go back to youth every friday night. Been drifting away for too long, making up too many excuses. Go youth. Bye subway
Maybe I can lose some cookie fat while Im away :)

Okay so brace ourselves for sch tmr

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's just down to the last week of holidays! Sobs.
The past 5 days.. sleepovers and whatnot!
On sat was the sleepover at clarissa's house and it was so nice. The girls had the whole house to themselves cos their parents are overseas for an extended period of time.
So they had like this massive couch/bed in front of the tv for us to stretch out and literally sleep/eat there. So comfy and cosy.

And these sisters omg.. They turned their parents room into their wardrobe! >< They had racks of dresses and clothes, shelves of accessories and clutches, an insane bunch of belts and like a real crazy collection of bags!! I was pretty stunned cos I thought these stuff were like only ever on tv lol. But their bags oh jeez, they like arranged according to colour, and they looked pretty much the same with slightly different sizes and shapes. Why buy so many?! Goshhhhhhhhhh

We ended up sprawling all over the floor in that room, chatting about random stuff at midnight haha and then got back to watching gossipgirl til 3am! Too bad we didn't get that much progress cos we started right at the beginning of season 1 again.
3am was a disaster, cos the next morning was church and we were supposed to wake up at 7am! Oh surprise we woke up at 8.15am which is when we're actually supposed to be in church already..

Anyway, after church and lunch and all, Jamaica came over to my house to stay for 3 nights. Oh dear it meant I was gonna be so screwed for homework but nvm. We did girly stuff makeup and sillly hairdos that night for fun and lotsa laughs.
But I had to work on both monday and tue for half days, left her to watch the rest of gossipgirl at home. I don't get to watch it =(

Yesterday, I think it was, we went down to harbor town to shOp!!
It was my FIRST time shopping since singapore. Some super self control isn't it! :P
And basically yst was awesome, I stepped out of almost every shop with something nice. My main purpose going is to get clarissa her 18th's present, but I did end up spending beyond that, I'm ashamed to say. Anyhooo I found sth really REALLY SWEET for clarissa. It's really soooo pretty I love it! This oval shaped mirror with the top of it crowned with this graceful white and pink patterned ceramic material, with the gentliest bit of pretty ribbon flowing. And the bottom of it is the same white and pink material but it's extended down with a stand like that of a wine glass, a heavy bottom to hold it all. Sounds pretty doesn't it? :)

Ritual had this really good sale of jewellery- 2pcs for 10bucks! Their original price is like between $15-$25 each? I'm so happy with that!
Valleygirl and temt at harbor town is so shit now, all the clothes are eeww and they had like a quarter of their store empty off clothes. Not like before..
The rest of the shops we went into were good :) Too bad we didn't have enough time to go round every one(which is probably a good thing anyway) cos I had to rush baack to work at 5.

Oh yeah also, last night Ben came back!!
All of us went to the airport to pick him up. It's good to see him, he's like the one who I have quite the most fun poking fun at and also being poked back with the same understanding. Some other ppl take my insults too seriously, or maybe I take theirs too seriously sometimes too hhaha.
Unfortunately, he doesn't look any fatter and so I can't tease him about that! :(
But he's sick now, and suffering from some jet lag :(
Gotta kick him back up to life again!

Just a couple hours ago we watched ratatouille together. And it's still ever so CUTE!! I love that show! The animation, the colours and all~
Now he's moved on to good luck chuck. It's pretty funny too, I like :)
Jessica alba!

Tha's all for now, let's enjoy the rest of the holidays!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Omg I almost couldn't get into this blog cos I forgot my username! ><

I am so addicted suddenly to Forever by chris brown. Cant stop listening to it =P
And for some reason, now whenever I hear it I remember the limo ride back from the ball to chingings place. Hahaha prob cos it was midnight and we're sitting in an uberawesome limo "moving at the speed of light into eternity" loll.
Awesome song =)

Wednesday I met up with some friends from subway for lunch at northbridge. It's our first outing together, mainly I guess cos two of us are quitting. Satoko's leaving for japan, and I'm gonna quit by the end of the holidays to free up some time.
Mixed feelings about quitting actually, it means I'll have NO MORE cookies and subs! =(

Anyway, we went into this dimsum place which looked so formal and upthere you know. I was like sheeshhhhh what maybe it's gna be 10bucks for 2 dumplings or sth? Hahah but nahh it was actually pretty good and reasonable.
We also went over to get icey ice for dessert!
It's been such a while since I had both dimsum and icey ice.
It was yarmiieee =D
We ordered 3 jumbos among the 6 of us- Fruits Basket, Mango and Pink Lady ~ Mmm mmmm.

Last night was working.
It was pretty good except that I was with this hell annoying guy again. He is so ^%#@>@& !
So pissed with him cos he's the type who is like george brown in a way, like unaware of the feelings of others around him. He wouldnt stop going on abt things until he's convinced you to agree, or at least say yes and nod, to his opinions. And it happens that most of his opinions crashes with many people,but still he keeps trying to impose his opinions on everyone that everyone's fed up with him.
Another bad thing abt working with him is that I gotta control how much subway I eat =(
Cos he's the brother-in-law of the boss so I better stick to just a 6inch and one cookie per shift blehhh.

Today I didn't do much at all.
Ben called from canada this morning!! Omg 8.30am in the morning this boy, I couldn't help swearing to myself as I crawled out of bed to answer the phone lol. He's one lucky nut, thoroughly enjoying himself over in new york and canada. They saw snow in new york omg!
And I bet he's gonna be so fat when he comes back hahaha then I can laugh at him and poke his fat. He's coming back nxt wed, sooooon! :DD
I miss this horrible little brother, it's quite lonely without his endless random chatters.

Tomorrow gotta wake up early!! Hafta leave at 8am for church.
After lunch will be going over to clarissa's house for a gossipgirl and pigout sleepover!
Will be a good weekend :)

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All the good memories